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Month May 2011

Sunday 29th May 2011

Well we got up and went to a car boot today so the children were working out prices for some of their bits but also working out how much money people needed to pay and also how much change they… Continue Reading →

Friday 28th May 2011

Today we went out on a limb and tried one of the other groups which although is further a field in poole had more children the same age as mine, We wouldn’t be able to go very often but could… Continue Reading →

Thursday 26th May 2011

Just as Expected I have some very grumpy little people today so have called off all work today as they are over tired so instead they are sat down colouring in their butterflies (an introduction for an upcoming small project… Continue Reading →

The 8 Year Old, 6 Year Old And The Toddler Vs A Busy Day

The 8 Year Old, 6 Year Old And The Toddler Vs A Busy Day what could go wrong? A very busy day starting with chores…… We got up had breakfast. The children cleaned the Roddy out while I tidied up… Continue Reading →

A tale of our trip back in time

Tuesday 24th May 2011 Today we were headed for a trip back in time making the most of a chance to go to the Salisbury Museum. I never told the children what I had planned they were expecting a dull… Continue Reading →

Mini Project time – An introduction to caring for pets

Today is Monday 23rd May 2011 and the children started as normal with breakfast teeth and a dance. after which we finished of the rotas and check sheets for their animal mini project. This week they have extra responsibilities in… Continue Reading →

Thursday 19th May 2011

Today started as normal with the exception of the packing of bags ready for the children going to their Nana’s after group, then they did their sheets on different Roman pots and did a bit into what sorts of pots… Continue Reading →

Wednesday 18th May 2011

Well today the children only did their HE-Art work and semi completed their chairs we need to find the time to complete them at home now which should be interesting but we do have a while to do this before… Continue Reading →

Tuesday 17th May 2011

Today they started with their dance and had a bit of breakfast helped mummy pack some bits for lunch. Then in Keeping with our topic of the month they learnt a bit about animals this week we looked at pets… Continue Reading →

Monday 16th May 2011

Today the children started the day as normal with their dance about time and then went on to What Romans wore? theme we looked at the different books and things we had here and looked at all the different things… Continue Reading →

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