Today they started with their dance and had a bit of breakfast helped mummy pack some bits for lunch.

Then in Keeping with our topic of the month they learnt a bit about animals this week we looked at pets and mainly the pets we had and I got them to think about all the things each one of our animals need from hay and straw to cat litter and water, I asked them how often they thought Rody needed cleaning out and the fish need there water topping up the dog needs her hair cuts and the cat need brushing.

Next week They are going to be charge of looking after the animals from everything from poo picking and feeding, cleaning out and cleaning filters and topping up the fish tank.

At HEaTidworth this week they did Recycling and had lots of Recycling fun from some cutting and sticking to rubbish sorting which involved some running around taking rubbish to the recycling bin (AKA willing Adult sat with a  Card stating which bin they were)

They also spent ages playing with the silly sentences Game (mainly Thomas but Jessica kept going and coming back to it ) while Emily happily Played on the floor with one of the other Children (who is Not shown in Picture as I only show My children or those I have been told it is ok to)