Today started as normal with the exception of the packing of bags ready for the children going to their Nana’s after group, then they did their sheets on different Roman pots and did a bit into what sorts of pots they had and what they used them for ect.

Then they helped set up for group moving the table into position, wrapping the rolling pins cutting the clay printing out what would end up being their mat then when everyone turn up they all coloured in their name and drew a picture of themselves and coloured that and I laminated it for them and then they all went out to pick the different bits they wanted to use on their pots which had been collected by Jasmine and Jessica earlier in the morning with mandi, and I told them a bit about what they were doing asked them some questions about what plants they thought may be found inside in the different sized pots they had just been shown and then let them pick what sort of pot they wanted to do and they all choose different pots and they came up with some fantastic pots.