Just as Expected I have some very grumpy little people today so have called off all work today as they are over tired so instead they are sat down colouring in their butterflies (an introduction for an upcoming small project of breeding butterflies and releasing them we are hoping to do soon)

They have changed their minds on how they want to do their Roman project thomas is going to do the research and find the information for each chapter then they are both going to look at it and decide what each one thinks should go in then decide what they want to type and they now want to add in more pictures and a hand written explanation of what the photo is and why it is there (with mummy’s help tom want to say it for me to then write it for him to copy because he can’t do the thinking it and writing bit at the same time yet because he’s not that clever yet! (have to love how they think).

They have also decided that they want to go to the castle and not be a princess and knight Thomas is now going to be a centurion and Jessica wants to be a Boudicca  style princess, Apparently it is because “she was better than the sort that hung around waiting for princes,  it could be very boring waiting for a boy they take forever to do anything daddy still hasn’t fixed my bike and that broke weeks ago!” (again out of the mouths of babes good luck to the boy waiting around my daughter when she settles down she’s a very independent little girl).

Jessica has done some of her typing towards her first page on Roman’s Thomas has been doing the legend of Romulus and Remus, While Jessica has been doing the real history of Rome.

They each decided which bit they wanted to do after we got all the information together and read though the information and wrote out what they both wanted to say about each piece and Thomas decided he wanted to do the Twins because “they are boys like me” and Jessica preferred to do the real story because it wasn’t as long and “I don’t know the keys too well they like to move!”

So we are now half way though the day and the children have made me laugh my head off you have to love days like this.