Tuesday 24th May 2011

Today we were headed for a trip back in time making the most of a chance to go to the Salisbury Museum. I never told the children what I had planned they were expecting a dull day walking around town and maybe a little duck feeding. To keep up this rouse we started the day as always with dancing, structured work and reading. They children did some more of their typing for their Roman Projects.

We then packed up a lunch and got ready to pop out. I had offered to help a friend and take them into town for a meeting.

A tale of our trip back in time

We went on a trip back in time. This was a perfect chance to go to the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum. We walked around gathering pictures of Roman finds for their project.

Their favourite pots in the museum. I think mainly because it inspired the task to make their own.

We re-read some of the signs about the different Roman pots, refreshing over what they did when they made their Roman pots.

The children’s pots they made at home

They talked about the different things they may have used to make the different patterns on the pots in the museum.

Some more examples of some of their favourite Roman pots here

We then sat and ate our lunch in the park feeding the ducks while waiting for my friend to finish up. We all made it home in time for tea, baths and bedtime stories

If you would like to see the wonders Salisbury museum has to offer including the Amesbury Archer you can find details about visiting here.

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