Today we went out on a limb and tried one of the other groups which although is further a field in poole had more children the same age as mine, We wouldn’t be able to go very often but could from time to time and it is a lovely group of people.

We got to HERA in Poole at about 11am even though we left home the other side of salisbury to poole at 8.45am! we popped to tesco both Thomas and Jessica had a £5 voucher each as they came though the post that morning I let them have one each and told them they had to buy there lunch and snacks for the day with it and very cleverly they put their money together and brought stuff to make a lunch and tea out of a packed of cooked chicken, some crackers, tomatoes, pre grated cheese, a pack of grapes, an apple and a bunch of banana’s  oh and some cheese triangles. I picked up some milkshakes because they were on offer and some rice crispy squares for a special treat for the journey and we were well away.

Once we got there they went away and played for an hour and then we laid out some lunch for them and they went outside for a play while We had a quick change about of activities and then they did some floating experiments and had to build their own life raft for 50 scouts and a scout leader (represented by little and big Marbles) the children did really well and all experimented with different shaped rafts and Jessica and the older boy she was paired with won being able to hold 84 marbles 2 of which were the larger ones.

we then had an other tidy up and they all got the soft balls out and they played with them for about an hour and then we put everything away and it was time to leave.

We then went to my mum’s as she just lives down the road and they went out and played had some dinner and as mum is moving filled the car with the bits we are having off her and then headed home and they went to bed bless them, they had a very long day but they enjoyed every minute.