Today we started of the day as always with music and dance and then we did a bit on the computer and did some of the BBC Maths and English games online.

We then went on to do some handwriting warm up in their wipeable workbooks and then they wrote their own little letters to their friend in France and both drew pictures for them to send with their letters, they then did a few pages in their workbooks in both English and Maths. Thomas did his spellings book and did some sounding out spelling test where I would say a word and they would sound it out and spell it out. He also did his times tables book.

Jessica did her phonics book and her simple addition and subtraction book she also did some colouring and sat and wrote out all the numbers and words she knew on a piece of paper (off her own back while i was preparing their lunch).

We then left for their HEArt  and on route popped in on an old friend of mine and went and saw her baby piglets, cows, sheep etc on her little farm on route to HEArt.

after about 20 minutes we left for art again.


Well today in Art they covered Van Gogh’s Paintings of his and his friends chair and they were taught about how van gogh paintings showed his mood and how he was feeling at the time they get to see copy’s of van gogh’s self portraits and his two paintings of the chairs one a simple style chair was his and a bit more fancy chair that belonged to his friend (who he had, had a falling out with at the time). The children where then told they would be decorating chairs to reflect their feelings likes and personality.

Thomas has gone for a fairly simple design, he choose orange for his main colour because it was bold and then he decided on a a legoland theme he is going to be putting his special bricks along the top of the chair and a couple of his special legoland badges down the back of the chair he wants to add a legoland map to the seat of the chair and paint on some blue water squirters on the legs of the chair. (when i find time i will add on their designs as they both spent about 20 minutes designing the chair they had choose before touching it).

Jessica has gone with a seaside feel to her chair and has painted it green and blue and plans to add sand castles down one of the frount legs, horseshoes down the other front leg, butterflies down the back of one side and flowers down the other side with real sand on the seat. we happened to have sand that we picked up from the beach when we went a couple of weeks ago. She wants to make the sand castles out of card and sand so that will be something for us to do at home before next Wednesday hopefully over this weekend (which will be the weekend before as I am a bit behind in updating this).

so I have two half finished chairs at the moment and bricks to round up and sandcastles, horseshoes, butterflies and flowers as well as a legoland map to find and all of tom’s badges.

but they will look fantastic once they are finished even if I am not overly sure where I am going to put them lol.