Well we are back to normal today the children woke up and had breakfast got dressed walked the dog and fed the rabbit, fish and cat then they did a bit of their dancing around and settled down to work.
Thomas is still finding it very difficult to write and is finding it very tiring but we have started thinking about flexi schooling (as I have come to realise the moment a school is out of the equation all funding for his suit and table top adjuster etc disapeared plus I think jess needs a little help with her reading and hopefully we can get them in for one day a week I wouldn’t want them in for more than that and thomas doesn’t want to go back for that but I think it might help when trying to get the funding we need to get his suit so I am willing to look into anything at this point.
anyway today is just going to be a normal day they are sat down on break at the moment and this afternoon we have some housework to do to make up for the past couple of days and before tomorrow when we aren’t here again and I also need to print off some extra activities for the children while I am helping mum clean her new flat ready to move in tuesday.
Next week is a new start back to the simple life again Am School time PM Group times Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I think our Thursday group has fallen through as the other two families who used to come have started meeting up else where on a different day so for now I will still see them on a Tuesday but our group is waiting in the wings I still intend to do the Thursday activities with the kids just like I used to but it will just be us again and who knows a new family might show up or the other two families may be back when the weather changes but in the mean time I have decided it is too much until I find out whats going on and then who knows may start it up properly for now I am happy enough to help my friends who have started theirs and give them the support they will need for their groups.