Well we are officially on Summer Holiday so what that means for us is little Formal Learning unless the children ask to do some.

We are going for a more informal teaching method this summer holidays (as this is our first one really last year they hadn’t been home schooling long so we thought it was only fair they had it off plus we were de-schooling so their work load was a lot lighter and they were happy to just carry on over the holidays as it was all new). We sat down and talked about it (myself and Duncan) and have decided other than the Children’s Reading which is done every night before bed (and part of their bedtime routine anyway) it may be beneficial for the children to have a break so have decided to try a Learning through life approach to learning between August and the End of September.

so there really isn’t too much to say we all sat down and played dollys and pirates, made dens then played link letters then made lunch and packed up ready for Alderbury which as it happens is the last one in which Sonia will be running and now I have taken over which is very exciting so it has all worked out well because it turns out I now have something to keep me occupied which hopefully will stop me from falling back into the comfy routine of putting on lessons :0)

Unfortunately We had some upsetting news today as well so tomorrow the children are off to play with their cousins for half hour or so while I take our Dog to the vet.