We got up Early this morning and packed up a lunch bag then set off for Bournemouth (well Boscombe), Jessica stayed with Cheyenne all that day so I only had Thomas and Emily which was nice.


We got to Boscombe at about 10am and we were joined by Gemma, Nicky, Connor, Rhys, Dee and big Emily just before we should have left but a bit of Car Trouble left us stranded so we headed back to the beach until my dad could get to me. so stuck we decided to watch the rest of the Air show and had quiet a nice time even if Thomas did get a bit silly and had to be told off towards the end of the day.


when it had all finished Dee and Gemma Dropped us back to the car and we managed to sort out the problem (temporary fix but should keep her going till we can get a new battery lol)


When we got home we went to pick Jess up but they weren’t there so came home to charge my phone and give them a call. Jessica and been out for the day with Cheyenne’s Family and they weren’t home yet so asked if she could stay.


So Jess Stayed over that night too.