So today they finished Daddy’s Birthday cakes  it had fully frozen making it a lot easier for little fingers to ice it and we had brought ready rolled Icing to make it that little bit easier still.20120404-160459.jpg

They covered the whole cake with Yummy Strawberry Jam and then with the help from mummy laid the round shaped pre rolled icing over the top they then took sissors and cut each corner following the shape of the bonnet and the boot and cut off the excess icing then using fingers and a little water they moulded the two bits together to hide the seem.


after that the carefully cut around the bottom of the van and marked in the shape of the doors ect using a cocktail stick. Then they carfully cut the Windscreen and Side Windows out of cooking foil and drew the frount grill, car logo, interlink squares and other bits and then mummy did the writing for them while they finished the wheels


They used a little interlink Van toy my Husbands boss had given to them to make sure they got it right and before all this had cut down and re covered a Cake board using their saw so it was the same size as their van shaped cake. and they we covered it and hid it ready for daddy’s birthday :0)