Today we had a very odd day daddy is off work and everything seemed to take much longer but we got there once the children had actually got their morning chores out of the way we had to skip morning exercise (which of course meant Thomas was full of beans all day)

The children then settled down and we finished their Olympic teams page which looks fantastic and looked into the history, rules and equipment of Jessica’s chosen sports.

After that we had a little bit of free time where jessica and emily practised being olympic gymnasts before it was time to get dinner started before Jessica and I left Duncan with tom and Emily and headed to her gymnastics.

It was a big group today so most probably a good choice with last week being her first week but then their we’re what I gathered both the intermediate group and beginners groups in the hall today with it being the last lesson of the term (so normally the intermediates run an hour after Jessica’s group but as it is the last week of term both were in the same hour session)

I will see how daddy got on when we get back home in a few minutes but I have booked both Thomas and Jessica in for the activities on Thomas’ birthday and that will give me some time to make a birthday tea for Thomas so I am quiet pleased just hope the numbers are there for it to go ahead :0)