Jessica lost her 3rd baby tooth today (bottom right side one next to the right front tooth) so that was our big bit of news :0)

Other than that they watched as a friend of ours took the speedo clock out of my car and have alook to see if any of his parts would fit (they didn’t but he changed the regulator which made the clock function almost perfectly so he decided the problem is electrical so that was some good news)

We then went from there to Warminster to pick up daddy’s work van for Monday’s return to work and on route stopped for some lunch in the park



Then we popped into pound stretcher on route back before daddy then went on to deliver some parcels to help catch up after a difficult week for his work without him being there (they managed one day before the text messages asking him if he could postpone his week off started and by Friday when a member walked out completely they were begging him to come in but I had been out at the time so he couldn’t but talk about a headache for Duncan’s manager :0(

Anyway the sun was out and it was lovely out so when I got back I opened up the pool and attached the filter on the pool readied the garden for use again after a very wet and miserable start to our British summer and the kids played a little.