Time is flying by I can’t believe it is nearly Thomas’ birthday!

Anyway we didn’t do much today Thomas had his friend Danny come over to play in the afternoon but that was pretty much it the morning was spent to be honest I don’t think we did anything worth noting (I am so glad my children get bored of this whole summer holiday thing quickly) Thomas sat himself down and read yesterday as did Jessica without prompting but other than that it was playing on the PS3 and in the garden.






Although we all had a giggle when charm took to chasing Anakin around in his ball (dozy dog)



But that was sadly about it.

Thomas read to Emily (3 books and 2 peppa pig books which very little text in it. Elves and the shoe maker, three billy goats gruff and gingerbread man from the marks and spencer range) he is loving being able to read now.

And that was it oh how boring non schooling days are lol