Jessica lost her 2 nd tooth!!!!


So we had an exciting day trying to keep the tooth safe until bedtime ready for the tooth fairy ensuring we opened the landing window so she/he could get in to get the tooth.

I think we spent the whole day putting it in different places (she was worried about squishing the fairy if she put it under her pillow who knew fairies have health and safety concerns too lol) but she wanted to make sure the fairy know where it was so we pinched the turtle soap holder from the bathroom and cleaned it and stored the tooth in that on top of her kitchen and she did a poster pointing it out lol (I was to leave the light on all night so she wouldn’t miss the poster!)

Lol so that was our day Emily helped with the poster Thomas came up with dangerous scenarios that could lead to squished fairies or wet wings and a thousand and one other things that the poor little tooth fairy could go through or generally suffer from in each location and solution jessica made (we had broken legs, sodden wings, head banging, being eaten by nutmeg, bring chased by Tessa (who had to be locked out of her normal sleeping quarters of Emily’s bed to charms in the dinning room to ensure she didn’t chase the fairy!) and my favourite has to be getting stuck in the play fridge attached to the play kitchen and freezing into a fairy popsicle lol frozen in an imaginary fridge classic!) lol

Oh and we did also play a little sky landers and also went shopping but that wasn’t as exciting as the tooth fun ha ha