Sunday 16th September 2012

Today we went Delving into the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. Traveling to the Harry Potter studios in Watford London.

Firstly we waited for Jo as we planned to meet up with Thomas’ Godmother Joanne. Thus once she arrived we all went in together.

Next, we walked through the great hall, around the dorms, Onto the night bus and sat in the flying car. Obviously the shrieking sack and Diagon Alley too.

On the positive side, we found it a truly amazing place. Specifically, the layout has been very well thought-out as you make your way around you truly enter the world of Harry Potter. For example, there is so much on display in parts you could truly forget you were still in the muggle world. As can be seen from our photo selection there is everything on display from the clothing, drawn designs, Magical creatures, props and full sets.

Lastly you come to the Hogwarts model. Compared to what you see in the films when used it is really clear to see how it looked so real. The detail within the model is absolutely breath taking.

End of our day delving into the Wizarding World!

To summerize, the only real complaint is the shop is soo expensive. There is not one thing to buy from the shop for less than £5. Therefore I dread to think about what they believe a child’s pocket money maybe.

It truly was an amazing day and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Should you wish for more information on The Harry Potter Studios you can find their link here.

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