Well today has all been about housework got up put the washing away that was washed and dry washed more hung it out then piled in the car for my asthma clinic headed from there to the pharmacy to stop them from controlling my prescription then went to the community shop where Tom brought a bible of all things bless him!

We then went to the coop brought some sweets and headed to the library where Tom brought a book for him one for Jessica and one for Emily and I brought several for the science, maths and history shelf!

Then we went to lidl and did some shopping came home put the shopping away and did more house work catching up from a week of very little! And making everything nice for the girls return home tomorrow :0)

We the. Went to the charity shop with a couple of boxes of bits and Tom brought a mini car toy and a new PS2 game which he agreed to put the leaf pile I had raked up before in the green bin and put the bins out ready for collection tomorrow in a way of payment for the game so once he had completed these tasks and earned his game he then spent the rest of the afternoon playing it :0)