Today when we got to the shop to do our normal weekly shop, the dogs trust had a van there in the car park which of course kept the children amused for a while making us late lol.

Anyway after the children had pestered the men in the van for 10 minutes asking them about the two dogs they had in the van awaiting a new home and went shopping, followed by them spending their pocket money on the fridge magnets and stuff while I blew the tires of the car back up we went home to drop the shopping off and pick the dog up and head to Argos to pick up our new leaf blower on route to 6 penny Handley.

At Sixpenny we got the tables ready and then when nicky made it to group we got in gear and laid the tables with all the activities Thomas painted salt and pepper pots and I did Emily a new ELMO glass (her last one split in half and she never did understand why she couldn’t use it any more lol)

Then everything got cleared up and the children did dodgeball while we laid out some party food the. They havoc a disco, party food, birthday cake and games before the last tidy up and home.