Wow I am so loving this whole project a day thing it’s hard work but great.

Jessica and I started the day colouring the labels for the bubble baths while Thomas “laid down to rest his eyes to clear a clog!” And Emily sat and watched the fish (you know how it is I can spend hours staring at them too why else have them)


We are all starting to miss formal work as the number of projects still in need of being done decreases so spoke about it today and Thomas would like to start his again and Jessica would just like to concentrate on her reading so she can be so good on Christmas Day comes she can “read granny some of her favourite books”

Today’s task was gingerbread house assembly and it went really well the kids loved it we still need windows patio door and a back door but other than that all done :0)


We ended the day doing normal housework and baths and Thomas went to bed early as his “clog” came back (this is a relatively a new thing he has tired after his tablet and gone for quiet time but these clogs are new he means his “head is jumbled up and all clogged and I just need quiet to unclog it” which I am slowly realising it means he is starting to take so much information in so quickly he needs time to let it all go in as its always after something new and he comes down asking some very well formed and thought out questions about the topic or thing we were doing before he went up and normally has a really good understanding when he comes back down)
Anyway back on track Jessica and I went back downstairs and she made some mince pies and decorated first coat of Laura and Owens cookies.

All in all a very productive day and I am quiet pleased with myself :0)