Ok so as I keep loosing the links in a mass of posts I am going to do them by Projects as well as the useful links page these ones are all links we have used.

http://www.instantdisplay.co.uk/springpage.htm – This site had some amazing symmetry sheets then kids have loved colouring the butterflies and Flowers as well as finishing the Symmetrical shapes these will then make our 1st wall display in our new home :0)

http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/easter_symmetry_worksheets.htm – we used these back over Easter (as Easter themed) the bunny is a little harder but the egg the children had no problem with.

http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Reflective-symmetry-worksheets-6310427/ – We love TES it is great and yet again this is another great set of worksheets we have so far done the top worksheet based on using mirrors to complete a symmetrical shape (finding mirrors simple enough in design to be able to use for this wasn’t easy but we found some in B&M and then also found these in Boots which were better still)

I also find myself using Pinterest more and more for these sorts of searches a simple search came up with these http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=Symmetry%20Worksheets below are the ones we have actually used but it is always worth having a search on Pinterest.

There are literially hundreds of sheets pulled up by Pinterest many of which I haven’t had the time to use but these are a few we have used in the past two weeks:

AlphabetRocket, Castle, Sheet1, sheet3, Sheet7, sheet8 and this Template sheet all came from Maths salamanders– this site is one which will be going under Maths in general it was fantastic :0)


Mario and others – having a little boy who loves Nintendo and Mario in particular this one has gone down a treat.