Well what a very busy but great day we are moving mum so cleaning her new house over next couple of days but emily had her hospital appointment and after the results of her sleep study (first time i have seen the results) 154 times her Oxygen level dropped to 71% thats scary because of chances of brain damage! The highest her Oxygen was was 86% (for those laymen Oxygen saturation refers to the amount of oxygen your red blood cells are carrying. If your in good health, the majority (95% to 100%) of red blood cells that have passed through the lungs should be full of, or saturated, with oxygen and levels under 87% are considered concerning and although like emily some babies and children continue to appear normal and do normal things with poorly saturated blood it isn’t great for a developing child so luckily for us emily’s lack of oxygen is curable with an tonsillectomy which is the removal of the tonsils via surgery we have been told they will take the adenoids too if they can be found. As scary an hour long surgery sounds for a child so little it will be life changing for my little girl she really wont know what has hit her she will be able to sleep, talk properly, breath, run, climb be a “proper” child at the moment emily is limited on these things if she runs around for 10 minutes she then come crying because she is so tired and sleepy, she will be able to eat everything, she wont dribble anymore etc it really does make a difference to them and the results of the meeting was she will have her op ASAP but at the most within a month :0) so happy