So nice to see mr sunshine today wonderful way to lift the soul (and very much needed after loosing lights again yesterday :0/ this house is a nightmare)

Had a very good and productive day managing to juggle migraine house work and kids seemed easy today (more than likely with a lot of thanks to the sunshine).

Emily was at nursery today and it is looking hopeful that the nightmare child from next door joining her nursery hasn’t effected Emily and have been told if he does he we loose the option of doing the same days as Emily which is a big relief.

Kids have worked hard today Jessica Made pancakes (Tom ate them) then we did some art English Maths and they played out in the sunshine most of the morning before school work (just encase the weather man was right and the rain clouds moved back in lol).

After collecting Emily they headed straight back out there for an hour and are now sat reading while I multitask cooking dinner with updating blog lol


Such a beautiful day today but now time for that last push through dinner baths and bed then feet up and then the American Storage wars here I come :0)

Hope you all have had a happy sunshiny day too just what the doctor ordered after all the winds, rain and flooding we have had :0)