Ok so this time next week we will be boarding a ferry to france now having to occupy 3 children on the ferry isn’t so bad but by the end of the 6-8 hour crossing they will be fed up with the play area seen enough ocean to last them the whole holiday and be fed up and board so I always take activities for once the boat stops being this big exciting space to explore and becomes a boat shaped cell.

for us we also have a 12 hour drive on the other side and while the vast majority of this will be completed while our little angels snooze they will be awake for the first few hours at the very least so below is a list of Items I take in two bags (ferry bag and Car bag) followed by links of websites I am using this year.

Car Bag

DS’s my children have one each 

Selection of games

Pencil case of colouring pencils (1 each to prevent arguments about who was using the red pencil first lol)

selection of Reading books

My Travel book (each will have their own printed from the links below with pages that can be done in the car and pages for the ferry)
My Holiday journals (again each has their own we have always done individual holiday journals for them not only for school work while we are away but also when they grow up they can take theirs with them)

a small selection of toys (normally moshi monsters, mini Disney princesses, doll, Transformers, brat or 2)


Ferry Bag

Family Reading book 

My Travel Book (brought with us from the car)

My holiday Journal (brought with us from the car)

2 Pairs of sissors

Empty Carrier bag (rubbish)

Glue stick

Pencil case complete with colouring pencils (4th case in total)

PSP’s + Games




My Holiday Journal Contents

Unfortunately I make these myself so have no link to offer once I have completed this years I will upload pictures of the completed thing.


My Travel Book

Walt Disney Studio – all the activity packs for all walt disney films


Captain America





thats all i added to my childrens for this trip as those ones listed equated to 40 pages each lol now have sore fingers but all 6 (1 journal and 1 activity book each) are now ring bound and ready for the car document case just need to pack in the books we got from the library today and we are on track.

but for now good night all