Ok so more and more there are courses you can actually achieve qualifications from all online with homework and for set periods of time once a week you log on and enter virtual course and the more I come across them I keep thinking what a great Idea these are even if they are too advanced for my children now and I don’t want to loose them so I thought I would start a post to stick them in for a later date.

Coursera – this is completely free and offers up courses normally only available to pupils of the worlds top university and all come with a course completion certificate which can be used to achieve a better job or as an entrance certificate to go further and go to a better university. (I am due to start a course of theirs on August 1st so will let you know how it goes)

EdX – Very similar as Coursera but you have an opportunity to pay $90 (there about) for a certificate from Harvard or more for a completion of a full course (requiring I believe actual attendance to Harvard’s but to be honest didn’t really read into this fully so please read up yourself for current prices and the information as to what that money really achieves)