House Down! so we have been hit by the attack of the stomach bug, Urgh! it so sucks. I am not a big sickness fan at all.

So it is Sunday 12th June 2011 and we have been a little thin on the ground with posting.

Well you haven’t really missed much and what you have you should be grateful you did!

We have had a stomach bug go around the family, there has only been limited School work or anything fun done really.

husband and children Chilling out waiting for the attack of the stomach bug to end
Chilling out waiting for the attack of the stomach bug to end

Surviving the Attack of the stomach bug.

So for now we are hanging in here we are still alive! (which naturally means we are rocking the who being adults thing yay).

I will add in the post of the days we did do anything if we ever over come this dreaded attack on our digestive systems soon.

No promises though as after all, I am ADHD and impulsive, forgetful and generally regarded to have a sieve instead of brains.

If I do though they will be posted on their separate days and probably short and sweet.

Hopefully, with the children all finally recovered and back to Animal tasks which were on the agenda for my week we spent fighting off this relentless attack.

All in all, as ever it’s me, ‘mummy’ left slightly exhausted and in a need of recovery.

Who would have thought running around after 3 small and poorly children would be soo tiring, afterall they weren’t climbing walls, running around playing and being their normal michievious selves it should have been easy right?

Any who, after two weeks of rampant attacks by the stomach bugs we are on the mend.

If this frilling update on our lives is not what you come here for you can find some of our projects we are doing and have done here for inspiration.

If you find yourself attacked by stomach bugs you can find information on how to survive the attack from the NHS here