Well you haven’t really missed much with have had a stomache bug go around the family so their has only been limited School work or anything fun done really.

I will add in the post of the days we did do anything on their separate days as always but they will be short and sweet I’m affraid but hopefully with the children all finally well and mummy slightly exhusted from running around 3 small poorly children It would appear we will be back on track and starting anew from the plans of the week we were meant to be doing the animals tasks although the children have been sort of looking after the animals they haven’t got to do all the written work they we meant to so I think I will be tweeking that weeks so going back 3 weeks (as they have been poorly for 2 weeks between them all and mummy and daddy have had it too.

So we will be doing the pet Rota’s but I may change it slightly because if the weather improves again I may swap the morning dance time with walking the dog (which mummy or daddy does before daddy goes to work at the moment and this will give me a little longer in the mornings before the children wake as we have a huge pile of boxes of carboot stuff we sorted before the weather decided to start to rain and we all got poorly but hopefully we will be getting rid of it by this time next week so will be all back to normal.