Wow what a beautiful day it was, we had a fab day we did school work in the morning the children did maths and learnt about tally charts and they also did some handwriting practise where Thomas was introduced to Cursive Writing (didn’t quiet work out as i hoped but then maybe hes still just not ready still but you don’t know if you don’t try).

We then popped into the bank where they helped count up the Alderbury group Funds before going up to the Clark to put the money into the account.

We then went on to pick up some lunch at Budgen’s where Thomas picked up a special offers leaflet (further down you will see why I added this in lol).

So after that we headed to Sixpenny Handley for our walk and picnic as always which we decided to cut short to a half hour walk, just as we got back to the car I got a phone call asking to pick the keys up so we walked down into the town and walked down to the little shop and back again just as Gemma showed up.

We all got the hall set up Thomas and Jessica Helped by laying out the Baby toys and Car mats While Gemma and I got out all the tables, table tennis ect.

as Sixpenny Handley was a Social group this week to return to the Design and Technology Course week in a couple of weeks when the kits arrive they just played different sports and games until 3pm when they then did Dodgeball although that being said one of their little friends made a lovely Tree out of Play doh.