OK so my time is filling up more and more as my two become older the later they are up which means I am now needing to find new ways of finding time for myself as I no longer get an hour between kids going to bed and hubby coming home Thomas is still up as hubby comes home.

So I have come up with a plan I have decided to come up with work 6 weeks at a time so all I need to do of a Sunday is find the worksheets for the pre decided and planned work and heading back to the quick sheet folder up and running not just yet but over the Christmas holiday so I can not only have the work planned but have the work printed ready for just pulling out and placing in their folders.

I haven’t planned it all just yet but have decided how their folders are going to be worked out.

First page will be there weekly plan for their week which will be laid out as follows:

My work for October 2015

Thomas Brown

Child Chosen Project: My Family Tree

Science Topic: Plants – Photosynthesis

Geography Project: Weather Cycle

Art Project: Who am I? Michelangelo

History project: Norman Britain 1066-1154

Weekly: Week 8 (week beginning 2nd Nov 2015)

Reading: This weeks book is Harry potter and the philosophers stone


addition and subtraction of Measurements,

adding, subtraction and devision of large numbers 1000+


What makes a sentence?

How to write simple stories

Handwriting practice


apparent,   dining room, embarrass, self-esteem, edition, challenge, newsroom, keyboard, Raven, Indicate.

IT – computer coding (continuation of MIT Course with daddy)
Computer Based:

Khan Academy (Target 30 minutes a day)

BBC Sentence skills (Target 30 minutes a day)

I plan to keep these printout’s as proof for the LEA along with a few pieces of their best work.

so this is my first stage I will now be doing for each week from now to christmas leaving only the spellings the same as I will continue our current system of replacing only the words they get right 4 times in a row (a few days of the week and in the end of week spelling test).

I need to reduce space their schooling stuff takes up as well as time so we will be returning to a heavy use of library books instead of having the books ourselves and I will be tearing apart some of the work books and allowing them to use the books instead of photocopying and printing the pages I need as althoug when we first started these books werent many now we have a whole shelf full and barely use them due to the hassle of scanning (most of them are stoed on the computer but I soon realised it was quicker to fin the book I wanted and the pages and photocopy them every time i need them than trying to find them on my computer with every windows upgrade they seem to get moved about and to be honest for all i know they could be on the now dead media drive when they were first done they were organised carrie style and easy to get to but as I have gone on over the years and changed computers etc they have all got moved and now its a nightmare and how ever much I try to find the time to re organise my computer and make sure new stuff is put on an away neatly I don’t have the time to go through what is actually about 15 years of old files to find the home ed ones so I am moving forward and de cluttering my life before my hard drive especially as this laptop has already started to show signs of needing to be replaced it hardily seems worth it.

anyway not much else to say at this point I will post pictures once I have completely the folders Tutor comes tomorrow so would like the 6 weeks outlines done for him to be able to suggest tweaks to