I have had the most awesome birthday present ever now I got this as a late present as they went out of stock around my birthday and then Christmas needed all the money we had spare (as ever) and I have had it a month or two now but it has taken that long to decide how was best to use it.

I was brought the arc notebook system.

Now I use it for home schooling and have a main one used for day to day life, I have one for recipes although still trying to come up with my own print off for that one.

I also used one as a autism tracker for a little while sometimes I find putting it on paper easier than my phone and transfer it across the next morning ????.

    This one is my day to day diary for household, appointments and kids activities etc.

 This one is my recipe book I haven’t started on this much more than logging some of my favourite loose recipes in it.

   It doesn’t just work for me this is my husbands book he’s a manager and has come up with his own sheets that work for his needs giving him the info he needs at his fingertips.

 This one is my home ed one with our weekly time table and kids weekly extras and appointments an organiser page for to do lists and home ed equipment shopping list reminders and a spare meal planner.

Basically you buy the covers and the hole punch and make all your inserts yourself. You can buy different bits to add to your folders like the plastic dividers, the plastic wallets in the front of my red dairy pictures above.
The great thing about this system is that you can punch anything and add it you can buy bigger rings if you need to hold more paper and you can make it your own and make it work for you.

 You can buy And view the whole Arc range at Staples so go and have a look.
I made this one from scratch today for a friend for her birthday the uses really are endless.