Monday: Leaflets ahoy

This week we have been finishing off work between now and June they will be finishing off their big project from the last year and finishing off the display board.

We got a little stuck on one part so had to nip to into longleat.

Tuesday: clay play

They spent the morning finishing off some written work and then spent the afternoon creating clay animals as part of their animal project. Although emily did also spend time making Chip from beauty and the beast after doing her animals.

Wednesday: typing and recycling.

Well after their normal morning work we went to the recycling center to take our scrap and shredded paper, emily naturally had an amazing time “posting” the whole pieces.

Thursday: Fun with letters

poor little emily was starting to loose interest today with her worksheets so I dug out some ingredients and throw together a sweet dough for some alphabet fun.

She loved it and we got a very tasty afternoon snack. 

Friday: Tom and Mummy day

Today the girls had off as I was taking tom to what we thought was an archeology course for older children but unfortunately when we eventually found the hall after spending 30 minutes driving around where the sat Nav dumped us without signal or any idea where the village hall was as there was only one sign visible from one direction to find it! (I really wish home educators organising events would actually make sure the halls they choose are not only appropriate but also easy for those who don’t know the way to find and not in the middle of no where without even a phone signal)

Anyway it was not what we expected therefore tom wouldn’t even get out of the car and wanted to leave. Disappointed I was determined to make the most of the time we had just the two of us so we headed to Andovers Iron Age Museum where tom got a private tour by not just one archeologist but two and then got to ask a third questions about their speciality within Archelology which is the area he is considering as a career.