So today the kids have been doing a bit more to their enclosure projects.

Thomas with his nearly finished one.

Thomas working out his brown water waterfall diagram

Jessica’s finished waterfall diagramalso a brown water system.

Jessica plotting her waterfall diagrams.

Thomas working on his layout.
Jessica’s missing from last post first draft (it had fallen behind the filing cabinet ????)

Jessica’s lay out is coming along.
This afternoon we are moving into the 3D concept for their enclosures now due to format I have chosen for them to use it won’t be to scale as they will be completing this on the same Minecraft map this will then tomorrow and in the afternoons of this week adapted into a full zoo with at least 6 animals, 2 gift shops, 4 eating establishments, 3 refreshment bars, keeper houses, muck heaps, food preperation, rubbish bins etc and get them really thinking of all the things a zoo need to run including a trip to Longleat to chat up the staff about what sort of buildings are there behind the scenes. 

But for now we are finishing off the individual enclosures.