Will do a write up later after having done it and hit the wrong button and lost it all I am now out of time to re write it but this link is to an amazing old book from Enid Blyton on the education of toddlers.

Ok let's try this write up again, I have added this into my home ed blog because having been a mum who didn't actually ever grasp the phonetic way to learn to read let alone teach it I actually think this would have helped with my kids.

I actually intend on bringing in some of the nursery rhymes and sheets in this book for Emily to help aide in her speech and language work as it is very similar but makes for much better understanding.

I am on the hunt for the whole collection as apparently there are a few and it is definitely down as one of the things to go over with the kids tutor before the start of the new home ed year (even if it is for 2 year olds I think she could really benefit with working through this and believe the tunes and rhymes in it will really help her.)

So I thought I would share it.