Adios Snow! It was nice to start with but being stuck in is no fun with three small children. Today is Sunday 4th March 2018 and we finally got to say Adios to the snow.

It finally disappeared today, so we took the chance to leave the house.

Adios Snow, and so long!

The children were fed up being cooped up so we popped into town to get out for a bit. Nothing massively exciting I got some new trainers. We took some old games to pink planet to exchange them for a new one.

Emily made us chuckle when she went snow jumping! she had a great time.
We decided to treat ourselves on route to a treat lunch at subways.

After the kids despite the cold weather asked to go swimming and as the sport center was open we went from town to the sports center.

Off the kids went to go swimming together, while Duncan and I hit the gym watching them from above before joining them in the pool after we were done.

I won’t lie it was all then wasted when we decided we were too tired to cook and so finished the day with a sneaky Burger King dinner.

It was crazy but even though rather pleased to be saying adios to the snow now we did have some great fun in the snow!