Today we went into London we drove to Kew in Richmond and went to the national archives for organised activities on the doomsday book.

It was brilliant and the kids did eventually settle in although being a little on the late side meant they took a while apposed to normal.

We learned how the 150 year old book they had for us to look at was made from the 1000 year old original (and OMG it’s shocking to think how they did it blimey talk about luck being on their side so much could have gone wrong ????)

Surprisingly enough Thomas was the one who made the most out of it but the girls had fun too even if Emily spent some time making my 3D dragon app Dragon set imaginary fires to the book selves ????????.

after the activities were over we went and walked around the museum bit they had which was all laid out about the suffragettes and how votes for women had grown across the world.

By this time it was lunch time so we returned to the car to collect our packed lunches and headed to the small park next to the archives.

Then we piled into the car and headed to the royal botanical Gardens in Kew this was the highlight of everyone’s day to be honest the kids loved it!

We started to walk to meet up for the 2:30pm tour.

the kids listened in while the woman talked of the history of the place learning about the kings and queens who shaped the gardens but once inside the newly renovated green house they lost interest (as did I) as talk turned to plants but naturally Duncan was in his element so we left him to explore the higher level looking down over the planting. Tom quickly headed back down again when his fear of heights kicked in bless him but he came up not only here but also up the raised walkway!

of course the raised walkway had to come after some rolling down the hill the greenhouse was placed on! Lol

Then it was back down to earth for some much needed refreshment and ice cream!

Then we went on to my favourite place the tropical house.

After leaving the tropical house we walked along up to the hive.

From there we had enough time to enjoy the gardens back to the way we came in before they closed up.

There is still so much we haven’t done we are planning to return as it was an amazing afternoon.