Home time

Already cars packed Sunday so we got up dressed and headed out early this morning to allow nana and grandad to be able to pack up the house in peace and went of to le tour de Piégut for a little walk

Duncan naturally couldn’t resist parking up next to our hire cars twin ???? in the typical Englishman manner.

Emily couldn’t help but gather up some paper hearts off the ground from a wedding over the weekend.

Then we headed off to Terry and simons again just catching Simon before he headed out in his lorry to Paris.

Our little water babie was on the pool before the kettle was put on to boil!

Then all too soon it was time to say goodbye to Teri and head back to the airport to return home.

When we finally made it home we had a whole house of animals desperate to welcome us back Garfield running straight up to Emily.

Then we were home to unpack wash and repack and then head off again…..