Monday 30th Isolation day 9: well today is isolation day 8 and Duncan’s birthday. We did school work in the morning online while the kids could actually get on using both IXL and Elephant this morning.

I left the girls to their own devices as Emily’s crates had shown up and more interesting to her than those was her order from Button and Squirt she was off immersed into a world of animals. So with them occupied I then cracked on with the housework. The girls soon moved onto finishing their dads Birthday cake ready for him coming home from work and before we knew it, it was time for Emily’s music lesson, it really didn’t go well she was not interested at all so she spent the time introducing her music teacher to 35 different types of Sharks. we then had some dinner while watching a short Ballet (Peter and the Wolf) before we all headed off up to bed.

Tuesday 31st isolation day 10: We thought we would try a little ballet for our exercise today Emily absolutely loved the ballet we watched last night and wanted to try ballet so I found an online ballet class and we all gave it a go. We then moved onto English and Maths before making a start on history with the help from Emily’s first history crate from Mysteries in time and we ploughed into Ancient Eygpt.

Wednesday 1st isolation day 11: today the girls both did really well Jessica had her Art course online and worked hard Emily wrote a story on the computer using animals from her extinct animals cards and then the girls both helped me clip Benny.

Thursday 2nd isolation day 12: girls day down and did some English and maths before Emily continued her story.

Friday 3rd isolation day 13: well today was a complete washout, ended up leaving the kids to their own devices as I wasn’t feeling too hot so girls watched Egyptian Documentaries.

Weekend: (isolation days 14 & 15): well we got up to loads feeling better we cleaned up the house, changed bedding, finished helping Duncan insulate the shes, cleaned patio, weeded patio, got the Lazy Spa out washed and filled, washing sorted and cleaned the turtles’ tank.