Welcome to lockdown week 3 where we have a cub camp in the garden! This week (6th – 12th April) We got up to quiet a bit. However, most important thing was Emily’s Lockdown cub camp in the Garden!

This week in a glance:

Ok so here goes Home education wise we did:

  • Picture of one the girls new science course.
  • Our Girls 2020 (Lockdown) 10 years exactly into our walk on the home ed side!
  • Mel Science experiment with shredded Potato
  • girls making oobleck great fun to play with and who doesn't enjoy breaking rules
  • A picture of the girls homemade Volcano experiment.
  • A picture of the flatjacks and rolls the girls made
  • Emily following the instructions to her Tinker crate all by her self.
  • Both girls chilling in the Lazy Spa in the garden

Cub camp in the garden anyone?

Well as all scouts know Scouting stops for no one not even a world wide pandemic! In true scout style the cub camp must go on. So this year it will be happening virtually from the Garden.

So Emily had to plan and pack her bag independently according to her pack sheet, they had online activities and she had to cook her own camp dinner for her last Cup Badge.

  • Picture of kids putting up their tents in the garden
  • Emily stood holding her inner tent section While Emilia actually puts the tent up behind her
  • Picture of the garden showing two completed tents and the last one still in progress.
  • Emily stood proud with her packed bag and roll mat and sleeping bag
  • Picture of Emily holding her tent open ready for her tent inspection
  • Emily chilling in her tent before she needs to cook dinner.
  • Emily stood to our BBQ Cooking dinner for her badge.
  • Emily sneaking inside for her iPad and headphone band
  • Emily heading to her tent to go to bed.
  • Picture of the tents as sun sets

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