Monday 23rd – Isolation Day 1: sadly I didn’t join the rest of my team on the last changeover the cleaning of the inside of the lodges instead we started the great 2020 Brown family isolation plan starting upstairs cleaning all rooms ceilings to floors hoovering and scrubbing cleaning all of Emily’s toys, Jessica’s mass ornaments and washing everything that could be stripped off and shoved in the washing machine.

Tuesday 24th – Isolation Day 2: Today we cleaned out the car hoovered and washed inside and out, washing load after a load of washing ensuring all fabrics, washed dried and away cleaned walls and the inside of the windows including frames and jams and Thomas emptied the last of his stuff out from Emily’s room and reorganized his room placing outgrown clothes and unwanted items in the nicely cleaned car ready to go to the charity shop after this shutdown is lifted. Today was also the first day of the official shutdown of the country where no one is allowed to leave home other than for essential food, work or medical needs and one walk a day alone or with other persons from the same household.

Wednesday 25th – Isolation Day 3: Today we cleaned some more (Thomas is the exception I might add he still has college work to do on his college days so he has been doing this until finished and then joining in and helping out bless him.) so today we did outside of windows, more washing including the washing of teddy bears today! and conversations with Wessex water about the blocked waste pipe that still hasn’t been sorted and has backed up and exploded out of the drain at the side of our house again (they have just arrived its 9:50 pm bless the poor chaps soul) we also cleaned out the big outside hutch and finally found some time for a full fish tank cleanout. The girls did actually do a little work today and spent a little while this afternoon doing their elephant maths and of course, Jessica was doing her art course online with her art tutor 10:30 am – 1:30 pm today drawing some amazing art.

Thursday 26th – Isolation Day 4: we finished organising upstairs and finished off upstairs

Friday 27th isolation Day 5: Today we mellowed and just did washing starting the washable soft furnishings in the house (spare bedding and quilts, fleeces, cushion covers etc).

Saturday 28th Isolation day 6: today we organised and had a little furniture reshuffle downstairs while finishing off washing all the soft furnishing (including the hats, gloves and scarves from the porch).

Sunday 29th isolation day 7: we had pancakes for breakfast and had to risk popping to the shop ????