Monday 16th – well I didn’t know it at the time but it was to be my last changeover in my lodges, I then went on to help out in the pool as they were short. because of the extra hours at work, we didn’t do anything educational this day I left the lodges straight to pick Emily up from her last in-person music lesson.

Tuesday 17th – well it was a normal day school work in the morning English and Maths then finishing up with some baking while I was on a desperate hunt for a way to ensure Duncan’s parents home from France writing out the documentation they needed to be allowed to travel through France to get on their ferry Wednesday night. with a little help from a friend who lives near their french house, we managed to get it printed and filled in before the midday curfew!

Wednesday 18th – Jessica’s Art course while Jessica was doing her art Emily and I were on a hunt for food without any money! so our booked shopping from both Iceland and Asda was a disaster, Iceland took £50 twice once the when ordered 10 days before and again this morning and delivered 5 pizzas and chips everything else was out of stock, Asda took the £110 for the shop I ordered but the items they delivered weren’t on the online shop we made and our £110 shop was sat in the online basket! so we ended up with who knows food worth about £30 and nothing any of us eat. so Emily and I ended up having to troll the shops to try and do a basic shop but in normal brown style, we stayed pretty upbeat making bets on how many items we thought each shop would have and even after collecting jess we still had shops to try for milk and bread. I am sure the nation has gone crazy! chatting to staff who looked so disheartened by other people’s responses to a situation completely out of their control that I really felt bad for them so we tried to cheer them up with a little light-hearted conversation.

Thursday 19th – so by now it was becoming aware that this was going to be the last week of normality in the face of the corona Virus currently causing a worldwide pandemic, work had announced the closure of all their UK Villages for 4 weeks and the daily updates from our prime minister (who might I add regardless of my personal views of him up to this has done an amazing job proving he knows when to let the experts advise him) anyway we spent the day coming up with an isolation plan expecting to be in isolation from Tuesday next week. Schoolwork went out the window for the day as we ensured we had our food deliveries sorted Mother and father returned home and we dropped by to ensure they had what they needed dropping off some vital supplies we had picked up from them the day before.

Friday 20th – last changeover (again didn’t know this then) a great day paired with a great member of our team cleaning the outsides of the lodges it was an amazing changeover came home and did some music practise as normal.

Saturday 21st – last time out of the house! went for eldest kid’s music lessons then home for a little housework and chilling.

Sunday 22nd – Mother’s day seemed so odd to have a mother’s day that didn’t include a mum in it phoned all three mums but it’s not the same as having them over we had a really lazy day chilling. The biggest surprise came about tea time in the form of a text message which was telling me to self isolate due to my medical conditions.