Our Birthday Surprise for Emily at a Winter wonderland.

A post about our Birthday Surprise for Emily at Center Parcs’ Winter wonderland. A trip to see Santa, lights galore and 4 days in the forest away from home was just what we all needed. Well we all know this year has been a little on the unusual side most spent at home, especially for Emily.

As much as time at home can do you a world of good, for my girls each with their own difficulties it’s not much fun. Jess has lost her young carers support during this time, Emily has been isolating since March.

So when I was flicking through my emails and a week before Ems Birthday, work offered staff reduced stays. I thought this could be just what the girls needed. This was confirmed when I spotted a very special date in the list of dates available.

After all one of the dates was Emily’s Birthday how could I resist! She has wanted to stay during her birthday for so long.

Our surprise trip to Winter wonderland Set was set in motion!

Keeping it quiet isn’t really possible with Emily she doesn’t cope with Surprises so we let her in on it. She was going to see Santa at my work. So we packed up and had a girls only week in a lovely lodge at my work.

Monday was Emily’s birthday, so we popped to see Santa, had a birthday tea at home before opening her presents in the lodge.

Tuesday Janet and I chilled in the lodge while the girls spent the day on their bikes whizzing around the village only coming in to eat.

Wednesday Emily spent her birthday money and we went around the lights altogether. As we went through we face timed Granny, daddy and their best friends.

We also had a sneaky hot chocolate with all the trimmings & mince pie while exploring the winter wonderland.

Thursday while Janet and I packed up to head home the girls went off and explored on the land train. We then watched one more film and chilled and when I could retrieve the car headed home.

We had a wonderful time. Enjoying time chilling watching films, riding our bikes and generally being away from life. All in all we had an amazing stay and Jess left some amazing Art behind too! It was so nice to spend some time with my girls away from it all. The boys also had a great time home alone without us so it was a win win.

Emily was over the moon and it really made her birthday. Work even surprised her with a Center Parcs Birthday bear to say happy birthday which made it even more magical.

Well needed break from the mundane.

All in all it was an absolutely fantastic time that was needed all around and I am glad I didn’t put it off because the boys couldn’t make it.

I really missed time with the kids last year while I was working full time and coming straight from that into a global pandemic has been hard but moments like these make them worth it.

Thomas has his own life now, but the girls have found it a very hard couple of years. They needed a few days surrounded by the beautiful forest.

I know I am a little bias as I love my Job and Love every second I am there, but there really isn’t anywhere else in the world like it and I honestly recommend any Center parcs adventure to anyone.

They grow up so fast you really do need to make the most of every single second you get. I couldn’t be anymore proud of my Family.

Pictures of some of our adventures over Emily's birthday stay.

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