Welcome to Em’s spectacular guide on how I made my Stranger Thing’s Max’s Hoodie. This was made for my Max Mayfield season 4 Episode 4’s Comic con costume.

Gacha club representation of jacket in question but mine is a hoodie version.

My name is Emily and this is my first blog post. I hope you like it.

What you will need!

This Spectacular guide is for making the blue Jacket worn by Max Mayfield in Season 4 Episode 4 Dear Billie.

  • Blue hoodie or jacket (we brought ours from a charity shop for £4.50)
  • Yellow 1 inch binding (like this here)
  • white 1 inch binding (like this here)
  • Cording (like this here)
  • Yellow open ended Zip we used a 24inch but you may require larger or smaller depending on the size of top used (like this here)

Equipment needed for Em’s spectacular Max inspired Hoodie.

  • Sewing Machine (Could be hand stitched)
  • Zipper foot (if using a sewing machine)
  • Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • White and Yellow thread
  • Pins
  • Needle (if hand stitching)
  • tailors chalk (Can use normal chalk but tailors chalk comes off easier)

Step one: Making a Jumper a Jacket

First find the middle of the hoodie with a ruler and tailors chalk mark your cutting line.

Taking great care and your scissors cut along your marked line.

Step 2: Adding the white band across the chest.

1) Carefully put the newly cut top on and roughly pin white tape in position around the chest

once roughly pinned take off and re pin straight ready for sewing.

2) Now sew 1 line of stitching on the bottom of the tape all around the jacket

3) insert cording then pin top of tape. now sew cording into channel.

4) sew cord into the middle of the channel by sewing 2 more lines either side of cord.

Step 3: Adding the Zip

1) Put the zip foot on the sewing machine. (if you are using the machine) and change your thread from white to blue.

2) pin the zip while closed. (mum edit: to learn how to sew a Zipper we have found this video tutorial here)

3) sew with the zip fully open

Sewing on the Zip can be tricky.

Step 4: Adding the yellow arm binding.

1) Find the right position and pin the binding.

2) Change your foot back to your normal sewing foot.

3) Change the thread and bobbin to yellow.

4) Sew the top of the binding, ensuring it stays straight! 😉

5) Put the cording in then sew the bottom of the binding, be careful to not sew over the binding this bit is a little tricky especially if your granny is stood on the end of the binding! 😂.

6) repeat for the second arm.

Congratulations! you have completed Em’s spectacular guide on How I Made Max’s Hoodie!

Now you get to rock out your new hoodie!

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