We had such a great day yesterday Emily worked with my mum to create her Anya Forger cosplay dress. Last minutes she decided to include the plush toy to her outfit so we even went on to make the Chimera plush!.

We didn’t manage to fully complete her Anya Forger cosplay costume in one day. But we did only have the straps and frill left to sew on.

What Emily is Making!

How we made Emily’s Anya Forger cosplay dress:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Pattern We used McCall’s M8108 (heavily adapted)
  • Material (For Emily that was just 2 metres by 1.5metres)
  • Scalloped edging of choice. ours

Getting off the ground with her dress.

So we used the top part of one of the dresses templates within the McCall’s pattern. Dress B without the sleeves. We then added our own pleated skirt bottom.

The skirt bottom was easy as it was just a rectangle of fabric with two box pleats attached to the bottom of the top made from the above pattern.

After that we had to attach the trim which we got from Nanna’s stash of trimming offcuts.

It was really quite simple and will probably be quicker if we were to do similar again as the hardest part was learning to use the pattern.

To complete the ensemble we added a blue line to a cheap Asda school shirt and used a length of ribbon to create her bow.

Finished? Of course not I want to make the Chimera!

The characters Chimera on the other hand was a nightmare!
We spent days making templates and making a mock up to ensure they work. Once we had all the templates for all the parts, had our mock up to ensure all the pieces made what they should.

  • Fleecey teddy material of choice
  • Leather offcuts (feet and horns)
  • Safety teddy eyes
  • Acrylic markers in black, Aqua and yellow (nose, horns and feet)

We then had to cut out all the pieces from the chosen fabric. Next we had to dye the different parts.

We did this as Jessica Dyed her kimono pieces for her costume. However, I think he came out well in the end. All in all he was finished on route in the car as I sewed on the last horn.

He was made from a teddy fleece, Leather scraps

The end result of Emily’s creation came out amazingly and both her and Jessica both look amazing in their homemade costumes.

We really enjoyed Making the costumes for this years Comic cons. To follow more of our Comic con adventures you can view our posts here. To find out what conventions are on near you hosted by the UKCGF team (The ones we go to), you can check their website here.