How to make homemade paper guide!

We are here to Have some fun with our how to make homemade paper guide. We have enjoyed doing this on a few occasions it is great fun. We tend to do it in the Spring so we can dry it naturally outside.

Step 1:

Well we tore the paper up and put it in to soak. We have decided on a Easter/Spring theme. So we have Lilac’s, blues, white, yellow, green. They also added some flowers and leaves to the some of the paper colours.

We then left that to soak from Monday to Thursday Morning.

Step 2:

We then took each colour in turn and added them to my Kenwood Blender.
Once all mashed in together then we made the screen from a photo frame and piece of old net curtain stapled to the back.

Step 3:

Take handfuls of the paper mush and add to the screen in a chosen pattern (add to the top of the frame not the indented side) and then lay an old tea towel or other cloth on top of your picture.

Step 4:

Carefully turn the frame over and lay onto a hard flat surface.

Step 5:

Using a sponge carefully remove as much water as you possibly can from the your new paper or at least until the netting lifts from the paper.

Step 6:

Carefully remove the frame and lay somewhere flat to dry out completely. We have learned over the years to compress our paper under something heavy once completely dry.

Frame or just hang your results on the wall for all to see

Hope you have had as much fun as we did with our how to make homemade paper guide.

Our adventures making paper

Photo of the children’s Homemade paper.

Finally, should you wish to read more on the children making their paper their preparations can be found here. To have a go at making paper yourself you can find courses Nationwide this website is designated to finding Craft courses