Oh I do love to be beside the sea side! So we decided instead of the normal social swimming meet at sandy balls today. We had a jolly to the Avon beach.

We were hoping to find some sea creatures in the rock pools. The plan was the children could try to draw and label them. Unfortunately we didn’t find any the sea was too far out but still had a fantastic day.

What we did find was rubbish! It turned out to be an interesting lesson for the children though. Being out of season the beach isn’t being hoovered and combed and those who come obviously don’t have the curtesy to take their rubbish home.

So instead I thought I would teach them about where all this rubbish came from.

From rubbish to tsunami’s!

As ever with Home education due to the questions they asked we ended up covering a lot more than just keeping the beach clean.

They asked about changing of tides and how our moon effects them.

Then the conversation moved on to the causes of the recent tsunami. They asked questions about why the water goes out just before a tsunami and where does it go.

It is one of the things I love about home education. How a talk about the rubbish on the beach comes from and the importance of looking after our beaches. To tides and then on to tsunami’s and how aide gets to countries effected by tsunami’s.

So we collected a few items and some sand to make a collage of later in the week and may even dye some of the sand.
Played a word association game and came up with 54 different homophone words (Sun, son or there, their etc).

It really was a lovely day and the weather was amazing not hot but bright bluebird sky.

Carrie x x

Unfortunately the Avon Beach pictures got corrupted so here’s one of my lot on western-super-mare to appease the SEO gods lol

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