This collection is full of websites I have found offer Fantastic primary school aged resources. They are all here so that I have all my websites in one useful place.

This means where ever we may be I can Print them out stuff to do. Also it means if others are looking for links for their home education they are easy for you too.

(2021 update: I have been checked to ensure they work. For a whole bunch more click here.)


Puffin – my son found this and loves it.

Sparklebox– Free printable activity sheets, star Charts, Activity Books, Alphabets etc

Starfall– Free online Phonics Fun and Learning to read fun

First School Years – Free literacy work Sheets, Flash cards,

ABC Teach – Free Printables on loads of different subjects

Lesson Tutor – Free Printables and Lesson Plans, advice and Help

Free Phonics Worksheets – is full of free phonics printables also has some free maths worksheets too!

funfonix – free phonics worksheets and even a work sheet builder which allows you to come up with your own sheets you can adapt to your own childs needs.

Genki English – sound phonic games with the phonics in both English and American has the sounds of the seperate vowels, consonants, and blends/ conbinations.

First School – free worksheets for the younger child.

Roy A fantastic link for printable’s I have used most of their sentence building ones and go back to this site time and time again.

Education – this has a great selection of worksheets as well (don’t be put off by the sign up pop ups I close them down and the worksheet still appears) this website covers all ages but again I am on the younger aged stuff for mine.

Super Teacher – fantastic website their Phonics work sheets are amazing and the kids loved them.

Have Fun Teaching – another fantastic website full of lots of great worksheets


Math Fact Cafe– Free online Maths Printable both premade and make your own, flash cards etc.

Khan Academy – fantastic free online classes and programmes Completely free and goes from basic all the way up to complicated maths.

Maths and science Nucleus – Free Maths and Science curriculum for all ages

IXL Maths – PAID FOR This is an american site but brilliant interactive site suitable for a wide range of ages covering all areas of Maths from number recognition to shapes for the younger ages to factors and Pythagorean theorem for older children and one I have now started using for my two children

Train up a Child – really useful blog with great Ideas on how to teach preschool maths

Maths Salamander – fantastic find during the hunt for Symmetry sheets but what a gold mine of different shape based sheets as well as alot more yet to be discovered


The Lab of MR Q – Free life science Information for primary Children

Science Bob – more experiments for children we love these sites and regularly use these site when planning science based lessons

Kitchen Science – Exactly what it says it is.

Explain that stuff – haven’t tried this one but found it while looking for something for group and looked good but again has experiments on it.

Science Kids


Meet the Masters – Free art


History on the net – History Information, word searches and work sheets

Colouring Pages – Fantastic Website full of History Themed Printable Colouring Pages.


BM&AG for Kids – Roman’s time line and work sheets

primary history from the BBC – loads of information, interactive games and printouts and lots more fantastic and exciting fun.

Orical think quest – Lots of information about Roman Baths

primary homework helpInformation about romans. Also covers other subjects. Navigate away from this page using the icons at the top.

School liaison – Information (very basic format suitable for younger students)

BBC Bitesize – useful information about the romans.

Roman Britain – From the BBC and full of Roman Information, from Why they came to why they left.

Roman Clothes – Information about what the roman’s wore


The Roman Invasion Of Britain. I recorded this on the HISTORY Channel and I found it suitable


Primary homework help – A fantastic site and has helped us no end on our Home ed history.
Following from the Romans all the way up to our queens and kings.

Octarvia – An interesting read about the games played by the Anglo-Saxons and their entertainments.

Wikipedia – Since this wonderful is a fountain of knowledge and has information. Anything you may want to know about can be found here. My only advice on this would be it is member edited. Therefore in some cases it maybe worth double checking the information with the sources provided.


ABC Earthday – this is linked to their printout sheets

Ecofriendlykids– loads of activities, quiz, worksheets and some really great ideas for recycled projects.

Ollies Recycling – lesson plans and other activities etc

Planet Pals – Print these excellent sets of signs and posters out. Full of recycling tips, reminders and helpful lists to remind you of ways to reduce waste when shopping etc.

Primary Games – Printable recycling themed writing paper. They have writing paper is suitable for younger writers And Lots of printable bookmarks with a recycling theme too. -Dot-to-dot can, Match recycling words and definitions, Raw materials line up activity. perfect for Primary school aged children.

abcteach – Find your way through the maze to put the bottle into the recycling bin. Can you solve this themed word search puzzle?

Niehs – More about vermicomposting (composing with worms), including games, songs and printables

Animal Care and the Natural World.

Nature Detectives – Now moved but the information is still all there just not so easy to find. Still worth looking through.

Kids closer to Nature – This is a bit like nature detectives. Full of things to keep the children busy engaging and learning what the out side world has to offer.

World Affairs

Compassion in world Farming – ~Haven’t checked this one out yet just didn’t want to loose it

Health and Fitness

British Red Cross – First aid education for children,

Kidshealth – Useful activities and lesson plans. I found this very useful and has things laid out by age group as well as subject.

Nourish Interactive – useful printouts as well fun interctive games for children to do all about healthy eating and nutrition.

Busy teacher – this has some very useful print offs on it and I used a couple for Thomas and Jessica.

ABC Teach – I really like this site it has everything. This link takes you to the core subjects page.

Solar System

kwiznet– PAID FOR NOW. left here as I don’t know if they still have the Solar System sheets available.

Classroom JR – printable Booklets and sheets all about the Solar System.

NASA – As stupid as it seems this was actually one of the last places I looked. I was told about it after I posted on one of my Facebook groups.


Activity Village – lots of different types of Christmas activities.

Olympics: London 2012

Primary school aged BBC – All you would expect from the BBC and more as ever.


Science and Nature BBC – lots of different activities and games, fun facts and Information on dinosaurs.

Just for Fun

The imagination Tree – loads of fun activities to do with both pre-schoolers and younger Primary school aged children.

General resources

Ed Helper – A fantastic range of different printable work sheets.

Free for Kids – A range of different printable sheets on different subjects and topics.

Educator– PAID FOR WITH FREE BITS. I have actually enjoyed prowling this site. Has a fantastic range of the subjects. Offers Free bits as well. Worth looking into and covers maths, English, music theory, science.

The Problem site – This site is full of different maths games, puzzles and brain teasers. A little care needed as some of them are just links to other websites. These maybe a little hard for some Primary school aged children.

Origami Instructions – Instructions to origami folding, go on give it a try!

A to Z Teacher stuff – Free resources. I have found this site very useful and really like it. There is everything available here. From pre planned lessons to free work sheets.

Super Teacher Worksheets– Oh I love this website!
A bit of everything on everything.

Teachers Corner – A fantastic resource for Word searches you can easily make your own printable word searches. FREE

The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide – Useful blog when you are looking for something to do with your kids.


Home Educations – Forum for posting questions help advice or just a natter about home schooling.


Oxford HomeSchooling– NOTE financial commitment required, this is for those with children from 11years up.

Structured Home Learning – We have used this for both Emily and Jessica they are paid for curriculums. To read about our experiences here

Groups and other Activities In My Area

HERA: this group meets in Poole on a Friday from 10am to 2:30pm. Lovely group it only has small numbers compared to Alderbury. I find this creates a nice feel and it is a lot less hectic. (UNSURE OF STATUS)

Facebook groups:

Although I find these useful to a certain extent.
I try not to ask questions on these groups as everyone is highly opinionated. This is because I have found that in these groups the view very narrow. Only correct home ed is a non structured one where you are unknown to the LEA and hate all authority. For structured and known members if we do offer our advice the opposing view often becomes very heated. Especially when it comes to EWO Visits. The against campaigners can get very anti social and aggressive towards people like myself who honestly don’t mind EWO visits.

Home Education Wiltshire (HEW) still operating although I have stepped down as admin I have my hands full lol.

Home Education Wiltshire Connections – A place where businesses can be put in touch directly with home educators. This allows them to offer educational opportunities.

Home Education in and around Warminster a place to post Warminster based goings on

West Wiltshire home Educators – a home ed group that meet weekly on Wednesdays more information on the group.