Today Wednesday 27th April 2011 was a bit of an unusual day. I had my Nails done (with gel tips). Knowing the appointment would take a big chunk of our day. We started the day doing some maths before we cleared up. Then went down to our local town and brought some early lunch. I gave the children £2 each. With that money they had to choose what it is they wanted for lunch. This included working out if they could afford it.

We then went for my appointment , they were fascinated by the way the gel hardened under a UV light. Thomas watched as it got harder and was gobsmacked that yet when touched was still sticky on top. this was due to the excess awaiting removal.

Maths in life

Then we went to the pet shop to pick up some rabbit food and to replace Emily’s fish. I had prepared shopping lists for the older two. They had to work out how much the things on the list would be. This kept them occupied while Emily made the hard decision as to which fish she wanted.
We then moved onto the list of things we needed for the cat coming Wednesday 4th May. They also made a list of non essential things they thought they needed. This list was used to to work out how much they would need to save for the items on it.

Once home they both sat down and worked out how long it would take them to save.

They worked out to save £20 for the bits they want to get Tessa would take 10-20 weeks. If they only save half of their pocket money it would take them either 20 weeks. Now if they saved all of it they could half it to 10 weeks.

After that I had them to go though the Argos and Tesco catalogues. This got them to look at what else that money could by for that money.

After they did this we looked at other items from other places. This got them to realised that they could get cheaper ones that were just as nice. Next I got them to ask friends and families via my Facebook account about their cats. Asking where their cats like to sleep and their favourite toys. This lead to the realisation cats like sofa’s and owners beds. It also showed bottle tops on string and empty bags made the best toys. So they decided to save their money and make toys for their new cat instead.


After a quick shop at Tesco we moved on to their English. Spellings had them sounding out words from their spelling lists. They then sat down and did a bit of reading. While I cleaned up and got dinner on they both sat with their wipeable work books.

Reading in life

We made a few cakes for pudding. They each read out the ingredients. They weighed out the amounts, then read what to do next. While they cooked they all went off to play.

They then ate dinner and then commenced their normal bedtime routine of bath story and bed.

The little beauty the children were looking forward to meeting.

Wednesday 27th April 2011 was a bit of an unusual day.

Most of their education today was learning from life. This seems to be a style that suits them at the moment. We seem to rotate between this and structured work depending on how they react to the structured work. They both had a bad time in school so I tend to change the style as needed to suit them. I don’t want them getting anxious over work. I feel once they get anxious and stressed the both shut off and we get no where.

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