It was finally the day for our Romans V Saxon SHE Educational trip to the Salisbury and south Wiltshire museum!

Today Tuesday 26th April 2011 the children had the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Roman Archaeology dig.

Roman V Saxon Exhibition

This was fantastic. We all met up in the cathedral grounds before heading in to met the organizer Laura.

Laura then took us around the Roman V Saxon museum exhibits. She told us all about the displays and giving the children a quick chance to look around the exhibition.

Laura taking us around the museum.

After our quick tour we then went over to the lecture Hall where Laura had laid out a range of activites for the children.

  • sand Dig pits
  • mosaic making designs
  • Ink making and roman writing
  • making roman arm jewellery

As well as a small dig for the younger ones with skeleton parts in it for them to find.

The children really enjoyed the day. Each child had their chance to dig up some items and decide if the items would have been found in the roman time or not. When they found something that wasn’t they had to guess if they thought it was older or newer than the Romans.

As they dug they also had to make a map of where each item was found within the tray. Just like archaeologists on a dig and shown how to measure and document each piece.

Every child had the chance of doing each object.

Lunchtime picnic.

The whole group went back to the cathedral grounds for a picnic lunch. Thomas and the other children signed up for Waitrose cooking lessons went off to do that (Today they made some very strange spring onion and leek muffins and a very tasty chocolate and coconut mouse)

The other children who were not participating in the cooking then went back inside the museum. We all went and looked around the other exhibitions. The had a great time going around we all seemed to spilt up into our family groups then back into smaller groups as we went around. They got to do a lot of the museum with their friends.

In all a fantastic day and well worth organizing.

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