Today was very different to our normal day because the children were slightly hyper all day as they didn’t get their energy release time today because we had to leave so early this morning today we got up and had Breakfast, then packed our bags and by time that was done it our friends had turn’t up to pick us up to take us to the Hook Groups Annual Safety Day.

on the hours journey there we read out some poems including:

The Owl and the Pussy Cat,

When Daddy fell into the pond,

Cat’s sleep anywhere,

The Jabberwoky

and a few other’s

then when we got there they had some time to play and we picked up their little bag with bits in for them and signed in.

We also picked up our time tables so we knew where going and when.

They started with the police and had a talk and tried on some uniform, then had their finger prints taken and then got to sit in the police cars and try the lights and sit in the police wagon.

Then they had the Fire Brigade talk then went out and sat in their trucks and had a chance to use the hose.

then we had lunch

After lunch was the red cross where they learnt what to do should something happen to someone around you and when you should phone 999 and how to put a bandage on.

then it was the RNLI where they learnt about what they do and how to stay safe when around water and specifically when on the beach and how to know where it is safe to swim and where it isn’t and also about reading the boards around the beach.

Then on the way home they were all tired so we played a simple game of I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE and we spied: Clover, lines, trees, cars, sky,grass, clouds, leaves, crops, corn,cows and many more.

I then read MR BIG to the girls and tom read his 7 eggs book to himself and then to me before they fell asleep peacefully completely worn out.