Started today as normal music to dance to after breakfast followed by a quick tidy up then we went off to HEaT where the children learnt about different materials and if they sink or float.

They were given a sheet with a list of objects and a chart at the bottom that had 2 columns one which says Sink and one that says Float and they had to decide what the item would do once added to the water.

We then had them decide again before each item was added to the water if they thought it would sink they came to me and if they thought it would float they went to Mandi and then once they have all decided which they thought it would do, Mandy added it to the water and then we all wrote the results down.

We did a paper Boat and after the children confirmed that it would float we then added clay cooking beads to it until it sunk the children all guessed how many they think it would take until it sunk and eventually took 55 beads to sink the paper Titanic.

after that they all guessed how long another paper boat made from the same paper made into a boat would take to sink each child picked a time slot from each 5 minute interval from 0-5 minutes to 35-39.59minutes and then one decided that they thought it wouldn’t sink within 40 minutes at all.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time left to do that¬†experiment so we are going to be doing that next week.

Once we got home the children re wrote out their forms in their best writing.

we then read the giraffe the pelly and me while the girls had their baths and then once Emily was in bed and while I got the car ready for tomorrow Thomas and Jessica rode up and down the track on their bikes then when we came in Jess went to bed and Thomas read me the seven eggs book.