Today the children went to Paulton’s Park with our Alderbury Group.

They had a great day there and went on as many rides as they could in the time we had their and we went around making notes of all the animals the children liked the look of and our project for the next week would be to find out information on them and we are going to put it in a folder.

The children had a great day and I am very impressed with the way the park is laid out it has all been well thought out.

There isn’t much more I can say really It didn’t have the educational Value I was expecting it was more just a chance to get into the park cheap which is a good thing but prefer it when the place put on an Educational Activity but it will be¬†definitely¬†somewhere we will return to and who knows they may have an educational option out organizer this time opted out of or maybe it was just the difference in the ages of the children (an other barrier we tend to hit a lot come on people its not that hard to adapt things to a range of ages after all I do it week after week at group!)

We will be returning as a family for the day as soon as we can afford to though.